Wednesday 24 March 2021



The Deathwatch were warriors that rejected the peaceful ways of the New Mandalorian faction of their planet, as they considered them an insult to the proud martial traditions of their ancestors. After being defeated in a civil war, they were exiled to the moon of Concordia, from where they unleashed a terror campaign againts duchess Satine Kryze, and  her pacifist government. Siding first with the separatists, they woud eventually strike it on their own after being expelled from Concordia. Their leader, Pre Vizla, threw his lot with Darth Maul and his criminal Shadow Collective, taking briefly over Mandalore, until Maul killed him in ritual combat and claimed ownership of the place. Staunch traditionalists, members of Deathwatch wore the classic mandalorian armour, and followed the honourable way of the Mandalore, respecting strength of arms above all. They were armed with a combination of blasters, jetpack rockets and of course, the ubiquitous wrist gadgets.

The sister of Satine, Bo Katan, leds this squad. Called the Nite Owls, the band wears on one shoulder pad the trifold icon of Deathwatch, and in the other a stylized owl head. Her hemet is also painted to look like an owl face.

The blue armour and cloaks were painted using vallejo prussian blue with medium blue highlights. The grey undersuit is a dark grey washed with back, leather was done in hull red with a dark umber wash. Metal is gunmetal grey with Citadel's old black ink. Finally, the weapons were painted black, and drybrushed with medium sea grey

The models are 3D prints, really detailed and suspiciously quite similar to the official SW Legion set

The set includes all the upgrade options, like the Wren family and the beskad duellist

 I had to give them their own cards to participate in the Clone Wars, keeping the same profile as the rebel resistance unit

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