Tuesday 9 March 2021

Heavy Coughing!


General Grievous! The final element of the separatist army is of course its leader. Grievous was a kalee that swore to destroy the Jedi after they prevented him from genociding a specie of mantis like aliens, that had invaded his planet and killed his grilfriend. After being gravely wounded he got a new droid body that houses what remains of his heart, lungs and brain, and allowes him to wield up to four lightsabers at once and sustain tremendous wounds. He's also armed with an uncivilized powerful blaster pistol. Despite his cowardice and apalling performance (was captured in the series by gungans of all people!), he's my favourite baddie character of the Clone Wars. You just gotta love his evil appearance, that malevolent laughter followed by his iconic coughing!
The model looks a bit wonky because it isn't designed to have a cape and four arms at the same time, so I had to tweak him a bit in order to fit all the parts

Hello there! Haha hey what's up General Kenobi! You are a bold one.

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