Wednesday 24 March 2021

The last charge


Final battle of the Kuat campaign people. It's now the separatist's turn to attack, and he goes for the administrative seat of the planet: the aristocratic council. It's a full 800 points encounter, with both armies maxed out with all the models
The Republic gets the initative and the droids feel the pain
While a clone squad takes an objective, the Deathwatch jumps into cover and rains fire upon them
Behind them, Anakin and Ahsoka move towards the fray
First of the clankers to fall are some B1 battledroids
Ventress gets into combat, but she hasn't got enough actions left to strike
Skywalker moves in to blunt the sith assassin
While Kenobi faces off against Grievous
Meanwhile, Snips charges Bo Katan's Nite Owls
And beheads them with a single blow
Ventress and Anakin trade blows, but his superior lightsaber skills soon begin to tell
The remaining bucketheads fire on the young padawan, that is left with a single remaining wound
The way of the dice is a path to abilities some consider... unnatural
Rollies move in and fire inefectually as always
Ahsoka charges the mandos
And slaughters them in a single round of combat
In the left, Kenobi has killed Grievous yet again. Such a disappointment, I better give my opponent someone more effective, like Dooku, to lead his forces next time
With his leader dead and only three units left, the enemy packs up
Boy, that's a lotta dead seppies!
And so Kuat is back in republican hands

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