Thursday 4 March 2021

Star Wars Legion: first game

Kuat besieged! While the Grand Army of the Republic is embroiled in the Outer Rim, the separatists launch a surprise attack on its main shipyards in the Kuat system. With most of the surface under control of the droid army, the task to retake the planet from General Grievous falls to Obi Wan Kenobi and a select force hurriedly redeployed from the front.
Having painted most of the starter set in two weeks it was time for the first playtest, the initial game is pretty simple: kill more units than the enemy to win
First on the offence are the clone troopers, they take cover and shoot with their blasters
Next are the droidekas, that rush forward and open fire
While Kenobi and his men advance tentatively, Ahsoka runs for cover
Both sides have engaged in a first and undecisive turn
Next turn, Kenobi seizes the initiative and hits the droidekas
Next to him, Ahsoka charges the superbattledroids, killing one
While clones and droids take pot shots at one another, Grievous and Kenobi clash in the center of the battlefield, starting one of their iconic duels
Both sides recieve wounds, but the jedi's defensive stance gives him the edge
Meanwhile, commander Tano has scrapped some clankers
The droids on the left have been destroyed by concentrated fire while Ahsoka has been injuried
The rest of the B1s soon fall to the superior clone firepower
The duel ends when Ahsoka jumps into Grievous and stabs him in the back
Finally, the last destroyer is blown up by two clone squads

With the planet back on its hands, the Republic readies to face the inevitabe seppy counterattack

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