Saturday 30 July 2016

The russian enigma

This month has seen the highest reach in visits in all its history (the 100k mark is coming closer!), all thanks to thousands of misterious russian visits that albeit present in the total count don't seem to go to any specific post. It could be a bot or it could be that the visits are spread evenly through lots of posts.
Either way spashiva I guess...

Monday 25 July 2016


 Mortarion the reaper, primarch of the Death Guard. Since my armies are set on the Siege, he has already been corrupted by Nurgle and so I picked the deamonic model from Hitech Miniatures instead of the pre heresy Forgeword one.

The plague marines go traditionally in green but I couldn't resist another chance to paint more rust after the Epic battlewagons!


Sunday 24 July 2016

Costian Void Hunters

 A lightning from  my new aircraft project: the Costian void hunters, a regiment hailing from the mining planet Costia IX in the metalica subsector. The planet is the major exporter of promethium from the subsector, extracted from the gas clouds thanks to gravitic collectors. The place is unique in that instead of contributing with land troops to the effor of the Crusade its armed forces take to the sky aboard fighters recieved in exchange of the fuel from the Metalica forgeworld. With no land to speak of the defence of the planes has always resided in the dominion of airspace.

Each noble house from the planet has control of an orbital processing plant and is their duty to supply an ala or fighter wing to the planetary overlord. All costians may apply for a place in the Hunters but the command tends to fall on the family and protegees of the house that maintains the wing. Of course the size of each ala depends on the wealth of the plate with the 1st, based on the capital, deploying hundreds of craft while lesser plates, such as nr. 52 can only muster a handful of them. 
In battle each ala is divided in smaller turmae of three fighters led by a Turmarca, while overall command rests on a praefectus alae. 

With only a life of toil or jaded luxury back home the Void Hunters are never short on recruits!

Skel Hosa triarca of the 4th turma form the 52nd ala

Friday 22 July 2016

White Scars attack bike

 Attack bike with a detached biker that'll be used as an apothecary on bike if needed (the nathercium is in the back box ;)). I used it to test the nuln oil shadowing suggested by GW and it doesn't convince me.

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Côa 1810

 Battle of Côa, english on the right and french on the left. I as the french held back till the renforts of Mermet's corps came in and then charged with the cavalry on the right while advancing slowly the infantry with artillery support. The french cavalry did all the job, since the brits were still out of range, after cutting three units to pieces with thir sabers and enveloping a british center (which was facing a true gunline) my father surrendered.

Saturday 16 July 2016

Alpha vs Sons of Horus: Zone Mortalis

 Went to a store called Drobbit whichs seems to be the HQ of 30k in Barcelona, since my opponent was just beginning his army we agreed to a low points game (700) and what better for that than a Zone Mortalis game?
I brought Horus+termis via the Primarch's Chosen rite of war
 My opponent was alphas (again!) 30k this time, he brought some Laernean termies, a big squad of vets and Autilon Skorr
 I got first turn but he managed to miraculously steal the initiative 
 He advanced his vets, shooting and charging Horus, of course he lost the combat and got caught in the sweeping advance. Since he got no units on the board, the game ended then with a SoH victory.
Primarchs in zone mortalis sure are powerful!
 We agreed on a second game termis only: justaerin vs laernean

 He shoot and charged my justaerin, but he lost the combat due to being bottled up by the terrain...
...and in the next turn I killed his remaining termi with combibolter fire!

A pair of victories for the SoH. Since they have more than proved their worth in three consecutive games I'll be taking other legions for the future games, to see how they do (at least until FW's Horus comes in the mail). White Scars and World Eaters I've got minis for but never played yet.