Sunday 31 March 2019


 The nameless Kroot mercenary known only as "the Wanderer" prowls the known space as a gun for hire, he has become recently an associate of Lady Inquisitrix Janiss, relishing both the economical gain and the chance to pit his skills against a wide array of foes (and feast on the remains of course!). He's armed with two pistols and a Kroot hunting rifle. As the most alien member of her retinue, he usually keeps to the shadows, where a single shot from his gun can be the tipping point in battle.
 A conversion from the Blackstone Fortress Kroot, with extra gear added to reflect his nomadic nature

 He's dressed in the most famous poncho in history
The origial one was olive green, but since the skin is also that colour I went with dark brown, in some pics the poncho is also that colour, perhaps due to a later edit. Eastwood bought it, his trousers, hat and shirt in a shop in Santa Monica, and he kept them during the three movies of the trilogy: a fistful of dollars, for a few dollars more and the good the bad and the ugly (best IMO). He was a minor actor before the films that gave him fame, and when presented with those low budget productions he thought that if all went ploin shaped he would at least get a free trip to Italy and Spain!

 Kroot are known for their... unsavoury cannibalistic tendencies, so I decided to reinforce that by adding a bag full of tasty snacks
That concept is reinforced in the base, where there are some remains of his latest meal, groovy!

Saturday 30 March 2019


 Even more porn, I mean, Prond. She has been converted into a culexus assassin wielding a katana and a lethal dagger. She wears opposing colours to complement her assassin friend, and ginger hair (since she has no soul). The helmet is made from an apothecary optic and an eldar bit.


 I've also rebased an old servoskull (from my first 40k box, inquisitor Coteaz!) that I had lying around

Gimp squad go!
Operatives Alpha and Omega often take to the field together, their wildly divergent combat styles complementing one another. I like the eversorette more don't know why, both will be taken as assassins in an upcoming ordo xenos warband.

Friday 29 March 2019

The Southern Reaches

"Once the spire was safely returned into imperial hands Pentecost moved against the last traitor safeholds in the meridional districts. There he led the might of his legion in a shock an awe attack that sent the Legio Mortis reeling"
From: De Bello Titanico
 Both sides had to prevent the enemy from reaching their lines
 House Raven and their Metalica overlords run fur tilt for the enemy edge

 The loyalist right keeps its distance to defend their own edge
 Tenebrus blows up the shields from an enemy engine
 Badly mauled two knights charge into a warlord and cut off its legs
 A long range volcano shot destroys another warlord, courtesy of Imperius Damnatio
 The imperials close in on the edge and concentrate on a single warlord
 The Devine banner charges, but will be wiped out before landing a single blow
 The two flanking warlords get into the deployment zone
 Raven stronk!
 The imperial knights are eradicated by a vengeful barrage
Targeted by three enemies the command engine is finished off by Imperius Quintus
While the traitors continue their flight fowards the loyalists seize control of  Nova Syracusa

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Seller spotlight: douglasgreen

Some of you might remember my recent eversorette conversion, the model was slightly damaged during shipping and I had to repair her left breast with putty, not that it's noticeable thanks to my modelling skills ;). I voted in ebay, noting down the small damage, and great was my surprise when today I found in the mail an amazing package full of rogue trader models that he sent to make up!

So I heartily reccomend this seller on Ebay, you should check his shop here, the shipping prices are absolutelly honest, you'll pay the exact cost and it'll get to you in a week or less. He has a wide range of products, specially separate models from board games such as Blackstone Fortress or Kill team, so he's the to go seller if you want to get a single figure form a box without paying for the lot. He's also got those nice chaos marines from the shadowspear set if you've had enough of primaris.

Sunday 24 March 2019

Fall of Nova Syracusa

After breaking through the traitor defences at Forgeside princeps Pentecost led his strike group into the hive spire itself, laying siege to Nova Syracusa, a sortie from the city secured the southern bastion walls against the loyalist attack, but ignoring the diversion, Legio Metalica concentrated on the hive proper, bringing the traitors to battle in its labyrinthine depths.
From: De Bello Titanico
 We rolled the diagonal deployment map, the Metalica objective was to kill enemy engines, while Mortis had to hunt down Imperius Galgamech
 Using the boosted speed of their legio the engines of Pentecost move onto the ofensive
 The knights of Devine spread out under volcano fire
 Concentrated fire from Calvaria blew up the loyalist knights
 While the traitors were also eradicated by Imperius Damnatio
 Using movement orders Bodil sprints in the left
 Both sides are evenly matched in the center but the Loyalists use the tested tactic of concentrating fire to strip the shields of two warlords
 Imperius Galgamech lost its shield, but they came back online thanks to a stratagem
 Badly damaged, Calvaria limps through the skyscrapers
 Galgamech hides from the advancing Bodil
 Recieving some shots from Abolitorus
 Calvaria's march comes to an end before the guns of Imperius Tenebrus that savage its torso, pushing it to the ground; two kills in two games, Pentecost sure is  a legend in his time!
 Imperius Damnatio, not to be overshadowed, finishes off Abolitorus with the carapace guns, its princeps has also racked two kills in two games, plus some knights too
Before such devastating losses Mortis retreats from the city, falling back into the southern districts
Metalica bags the third hive city and some honour
 My latest terrain
Usable for Necromunda too!