Friday 29 March 2019

The Southern Reaches

"Once the spire was safely returned into imperial hands Pentecost moved against the last traitor safeholds in the meridional districts. There he led the might of his legion in a shock an awe attack that sent the Legio Mortis reeling"
From: De Bello Titanico
 Both sides had to prevent the enemy from reaching their lines
 House Raven and their Metalica overlords run fur tilt for the enemy edge

 The loyalist right keeps its distance to defend their own edge
 Tenebrus blows up the shields from an enemy engine
 Badly mauled two knights charge into a warlord and cut off its legs
 A long range volcano shot destroys another warlord, courtesy of Imperius Damnatio
 The imperials close in on the edge and concentrate on a single warlord
 The Devine banner charges, but will be wiped out before landing a single blow
 The two flanking warlords get into the deployment zone
 Raven stronk!
 The imperial knights are eradicated by a vengeful barrage
Targeted by three enemies the command engine is finished off by Imperius Quintus
While the traitors continue their flight fowards the loyalists seize control of  Nova Syracusa

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