Thursday 28 June 2018

Adeptus Titanicus playtest

 Playtest of the rulebook with two warlords apiece, Legio Metalica vs Mortis.

Imperius Galgamech: 2x support missiles, CCW, volcano cannon
Imperius Tenebrus, macro gatling, 2x plasma blasters, melta cannon

Bodil: volcano cannon, gatling, CCW, support missile
Calvaria: 2x support missiles, macro gatling blaster, volcano cannon
 The titans begin by firing their support missiles, wich fail completely
 After its void are knocked down by a gatling salvo, a melta shot sees the right warlord immobilized
 Imperius Galgamech tries to generate too much plasma points, its reactor overheats leaving it exposed and with the shields down. The enemy quickly pummels the warlord with massed firepower, frying the princeps and takig the titan out of the battle

Now all alone Imperius Tenebrus first destroys all the weapons from the immobilized Mortis, and then massing its awesome firepower against the second engine kills it with a lucky plasma bolt to the knee. The traitor titan sways for a moment, falling to the ground in flames. 
That puts an end to the battle with the imperial winning 525 to 175.

I'm quite happy about how the rules played. The engagement was a very ranged one, so CCW weren't that much useful, but perhaps it was due to our playstyle. The best weapon for the warlord was proved to be the macro gatling blaster, destroying shields and weapons with equal ease, whereas the missiles were pretty underwhelming. 

Heavy support squads

 Made these missile launchers from spare bits

Wednesday 27 June 2018

My take on Adeptus Titanicus

I couldn't wait for the upcoming rules so I've made my one to play until then, In these I've mixed the aspects that I liked more of the previous rulesets, trying to fill their gaps.
There are rules for imperial, ork and eldar titans.

Saturday 23 June 2018

Dusk of the Empire

 Battle of Waterloo, the brits are on the left behind a ridge and a chain of villages (from front to back: Hugoumont, La Haye Sainte and Papelotte); the french are on the right around La Belle Alliance

 La Haye Sainte

 The battle begins with the english guns opening fire
 And the light dragoons moving forward
 The imperials advance
 The great battery aims towards La Haye
 The dragoons attacks a infantry division

 The terrific fire of the massed guns causes terrible casualties
 The french form square
 Repelling the cavalry
 Then th cuirassiers move to support
 The scots greys manoeuver near Papelotte
 The dragoons reform into line to balance the fight
 The garde cavalry 
 D'Erlon's corps form two parallel lines

 The scots charge for the guns taking them
 The guard cavalry comes to avenge the gunners
 It's now 16:00 and Von Bülow's prussians start to arrive in the french rear
 The scots retreat as the whole army advances

 The guards garrison la Haye as the battered division there moves to the rear
 The cavalry clash continues near Hugoumont
 The french right launches a massive attack

The imperial guard moves to intercept the prussians 

 The redcoats crumble under the massive attack
 And the guard cavalry is repulsed
 The rest of the prussians have arrived

 The scots now attack the infantry
 Running from the prussians the frenchmen pass through Papelotte
 Kellermann is wounded in the inconclusive fight
 Grapeshot sees to a troublesome ennemy division
 Another is chopped by the scots
With 4-2 the french player just gives up, still the most balanced Waterloo yet