Sunday 17 June 2018


 This battle happens at the same time as Quatre bras during June 16th; we played it exactly in the same day 203 years later! The prussians are entrenched in the right behind the river and Napoleon comes in with his guard from the left.
 Voilà l'ennemi sire
 Achtung schwein!
 A prussian division takes Wagenele
 While their cavalry moves to the center
 French guns open up on Ligny causing some casualties
 Vandamme deploys the french right into line
 While Gèrard launches his cavalry in column against the prussian center
 The prussian guns do not remain idle, and a storm of grape tears great chunks out of the dragoon division
 The prussians redeploy to the St Amand-St Amand la haye gap
 The prussian left then moves forwards in line

 With the french cavalry repulsed by fire, Blücher orders a general advance in the left: St Amand is emptied as infantry and cavalry engage the enemy
 The french are caught in line by the cavalry...
 ...and routed
 Blücher is killed during the charge
 Gèrard too
 Having opened a breach, the germans move in
 Napoleon is wounded during the fight
 General Teieleman is wounded while taking shelter inside a square
 The prussian cavalry menaces the cuirassiers while the infantry remains in square
 la garde au feu!
 The cuirassiers charge the hussars
 Who redeploy in line
 Luckily for them, fire from St Amand destroys the chargers
 The guard comes under sustained fire from the guns
 Finally routing
 The final episode of the battle comes down to the hussars, that take a battery
The french are soundly defeated 5-0, pity that "old forwards" didn't live to see such a magnificent victory


  1. Un triste résultat pour l'Empereur mais une magnifique bataille, superbes figurines!

  2. Merci, parfois lui aura plus bon chance a Waterloo