Saturday 9 June 2018

Quatre Bras

 The battle of Quatre Bras is the first in the Waterloo minicampaign: the winner of the first two games gets an extra unit in the finale. In this scenario the british start with one unit and some guns in Gemicourt under the prince of Orange, the french under Ney have vastly more units in the left of the pic. As the day goes on both the french and british recieve reinforcements.
 The battle begins in the same old style: massed battery fire into Gemicourt
 Jerome Bonaparte comes in at 15:00 with his infantry division
 Orange's guns make limber the french
 As picton shows up with reinforcements in the left
 Dutch cavalry also shows up formed in column
 The french move in bulk to Tyle, in the british left
 The british cannon fire at extreme range, causing some casualties
 Picton's men deploy in line to counter the french masses
 The dutch cavalry charges into the limbered guns
 Wich fail to evade
 And are routed
 Marshal Ney, the french CiC is killed during the rout
 French dragoons then come from the reserve smashing into the victorious dutch
 Thyle is in french hands
 But the british guards arrive from the rear to reinforce the allied left
 After some swordplay the french cavalry moves to Thyle as the allied hussars keep their distance
 French move into the river forming a massive column

 A scottish division shows up in the left
 Guards and regulars form the thin red line
 The dutch have recovered their losses and reformed in line
 The french riders then charge
 The first charge is repulsed
 The french form a line too, but the river impairs their shooting game
 A division flees the fearsome british volleys
 Fresh dragoons charge into the dutch
 With more reinforcements, the allies form a gunline around Gemicourt
 The lone french division begins to retreat real slow
 The cavalry duel remains inconclusive
 With both french units mauled and unable to charge, the infantry moves forward to drive them back

A british battery advances towards Thyle as the scots chill in the marsh, nowhere like home! 
 It is now 21:00 the guard charges against the enemy as the battle comes to an end
 Overview, the allies win 2-0
 Gemicourt remains safely in british hands
 The cavalry was shattered
 This french division would have rolled 7 dice to the guard's 13, bad business
Muh iron Duke

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