Wednesday 14 December 2016

Treaty of Campbell

 We're gonna build a wall, and make the Tories pay for it...
The americans await Lord Howe's attack behind two rows of defences near the village of Campbell

 The lobsters advance, shunning the rebel guns's field of fire

 The cavalry as always charges first

 The brits push by the right

 The dragoons take the guns in the central redoubt
 Despite Howe being injuried

 A batallion of continentals routs before the second cavalry regiment
 Who push on into the entrenched gun
 The britsh right is quite still
 The minutemen form squares but soon the King's infantry is upon them
A redcoat batallion suiciding itself
 The thick red lines forcing the wall
 Another colonial unit cut to pieces
 After killing no less than three units these dragoons are now in bad shape
 The americans are pushed back from the wall, while the dragoons dismount and unleash havoc on the rearguard
 The "suicide batallion" survived miraculously some rounds

 After devastating the militia near the american supplies...
 ...the dismounted dragoons finish them off with a charge
 Minutemen routing everywhere
 The rebels yell as the redcoats turn their backs for the first time in the war!

 A unit of dragoons is also routed by musket volleys
 But the british keep on destroying american batallions
 And taking guns
 The american general fails at last the morale test and, as his army routs, the british are victorious!
 In Age of Reason a defeat in your capital means that you have to ask for peace and give a random number of territories (excepting your capital). Landless, the americans rubricate the "Treaty of Campbell" that'll ensure peace for a year, that is until winter 1776.
À la prochaine! 
 Bells toll in London as news of the treaty spread
The King even comissions a painting of the momentous event...
Updated map with losses


  1. Bloody and epic! A fantastic report, love this...Oh, btw, "We're gonna build a wall, and make the Tories pay for it...", I also love this!!

  2. #David Cooke: Indeed! and the future promises to be more balanced.
    #Phil: Heh had to say it. The painting is inspired in the funny photoshops featured on you blog.