Friday 2 December 2016

Across the Kanavagan

 Washington continues his attack against the Ohio Valley in our AWI campaign, since his army was decimated in the last game he deploys defensively in one corner.
 The british cross the Kanavagan by several bridges and march on

 Cavalry to the front charging to glory

 The mounted militia routs but the regulars push back the redcoat dragoons
 Half the americans sqaure up and half march ahead
 After the american squares reform into line, the redcoats charge everywhere, while the first line units fall back a bit mauled
 A batallion of milita routs
 Followed by another
 The remaining american battalions stand and open a murderous fire
 Charging with their bayonets through the smoke
 To no avail...
 The last regulars are caught in a crossfire
And inevitabily run away
 Without an army Washington retreats to the Middle Atlantic Colonies
And there was much rejoicing!


  1. What a nice looking game, beautiful figures...and splendid end of post!

  2. Merci, les pauvres americains sons dejà finis