Thursday 8 December 2016

Zone Mortalis Mini campaign: Escape from Isstvan V

 I went to the village to the yearly olive harvest and my father proposed to make some 40k games while there, so I brought my zone mortalis board (plus the new containers).
This mini campaign represents a small force of iron hands escaping from Isstvan V and attempting to steal the XVIth legion frigate Raksha in order to flee.
 All is quiet in the corridors of the frigate when suddenly...

 The iron hands spearhead boards beginning this void strike mission. The sons of horus are well protected, behind a narrow access seeded with traps!

 The loyalists plough onwards heedless of the exploing booby traps
 A firefight ensues with both sides trading plasma shots

 The traitor reserve appears behind their lines
 Only for the opposite reservists to show up opposite from them!
 A termi finally dies to a trap
 The plasma support squad makes short work of most enemy legionnaries
 Falling the rest to the centurion's Nanite Blaster! An amazing gun, pity that you need to ask your opponent beforehand and no sane one would allow it
 With this the loyalists bag 4 victory points and mathematically win
 With the outer decks secured the loyalists move to destroy some drives's mechanisms in order to control the ship's heading, that is a wrecking mission. The black counters are the steering systems with an armour value of 11, 4++ save and 1 HP

 The loyalists snake around to charge and destroy the first objective
 The traitors fan out the reserve in order to block the enemy from entering by their deployment zone

 The objective resists the loyalist charge
 And they consolidate behind a column
 In the next turn the support squad wipes out the enemy centurion and plasma squad
 While the termis destroy another objective, bagging a second victory
 The last scenario is an assault to the ship's bridge, where the objective is the traitor centurion, the ship's captain no less! The ship is now in loyalist hands but without the bridge's controls the best they can do is jump into the warp and drift there without a course, the shipmaster must die!

 The sons of horus hide well behind a series of barricades, abandoning the command throne

 The lights blink out and the combat turns into night fighting for a turn, with 2++ saves there are but small losses in both sides

 The lights return and the losses mount

 Routing the captain, who almost runs from the table
 The loyalist termies charge confidently only to be cut down by reaction fire and then powerfist to the face, giving first blood to the traitors
 The captain rallies in the nick of time
 While the termies rush to cover him
Alas, the plasma squad's firing proves too deady and the captain falls. With that he Raksha is now in loyalist hands and making all speed towards the Mandeville point, leaving many comrades and their own sire to rot in the black sands of Isstvan V!

Through this I've found put that mini campaigns are the way to go so all new projects from now on'll thread around a certain number of scenarios, that way the campaign can end since it has an agreed timing, map capmpaings instead last forever and so I'll only keep the AWI one with that system.

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