Thursday 22 December 2016

Scuffle in the Cyclops Cluster

 After watching yesterday the amazing Rogue One (IMO the second best SW movie after episode V) I felt like playing BFG again. The scenario is an escalating engagement, with small forces on the board at first and more joining in at dice's roll. Victory to whoever destroys or routs the enemy.
The battle is fough near a star in the Cyclops Cluster, with solar flares diminishing from time to time the ships's leadership values.
 The Imperial Navy was quite lucky, with two cruisers and escorts on the field in turn one vs a lone ork rok

 The rok immediately recieved a torpedo salvo
 Following by a bombing run that left it crippled
 ¡Brace for impact!
 The armed asteroid took out its frustration on the frigates which it destroyed with a torpedo launch
 Two more roks appeared as reinforcements but still too far
 The retribution class battleship showed up next turn
 As a cruiser ran out of bombers and torpedoes!
 The orks breathed more easily as their space hulk moved ponderously into the board

 The roks closed in onto the retribution but caused little damage
 The hulk soon deployed its fearsome array of fighting craft and torpedoes

 The battleship veers to starboard and almost destroys a rok with lock on orders
 The central damaged roks finally succumbed to the imperial guns
 While fury interceptors launched from the other dictator cruiser picked off some ork bombers and assault boats
 The empty dictator burned full retros to avoid the oncoming orks

 With torpedoes away the roks locked on the battleship stripping almost half damage
 The hulk mauls the empty dictator and even sets it on fire, next turn it either puts the conflagration out or dies
 The attack craft leave behind the doomed cruiser and attack the dominator ahead, destroying it neatly
 The rok in the left is destroyed by a long range barrage from the battleship
 The blazing cruiser crashed against the hulk and exploded its warp drives in a last act of last spite, damaging its killer a bit
With the loss of his second cruiser, the imperial player concedes, and his fleet jumps into the warp, leaving the void to the victorious orcs.

As always the hulk performed superbly but the roks proved a bit vulnerable, they are quite cheap after all, so no great loss there. In the first turn it seemed that the imperials were going to win but then the weight of fire began to tell and the greenies took the day!


  1. Awesome! I do miss playing Battlefleet Gothic.

  2. Indeed! We'll perhaps make a short campaign of four scenarios net year...