Thursday 22 December 2016

Jutland paperships


To assemble the battleships you'll need:

Balsa wood (thickness depending on scale)
Hobby knife
White glue
Plastic cilinder
Wood or metal rods
Neutral grey paint

Looking at the print you'll see that it is divided in superstructure elements (top) and the hull (bottom).
Printing: the sizes are correlational between templates so print all the templates in the same size to maintain the correct dimensions.

First of all cut out the elements placed above the hull separating one from another, then glue them on blasa wood. You'll need to measure the hull height on your print to know the tickness of the required plank, the hull is made of two superposed planks. Once dry cut them out along their outlines with a hobby knife and paint the wood edges grey. Afterwards glue the shorter deck plant over the longer one minding that the design fits.
Once this step is done you'll have to cut out the hull (the grey-red element in the bottom) and paint it grey on the unprinted face; then glue it along the edges of the deck elements. The central part of this goes in the ship's prow (left of the bigger deck in the print).

The hull completed, it's time to work on the superstructure, first glue the big grey triangle on the upper deck plant, then glue the turrets in place so they are placed exactly over the printed outline. Then take eight rod sections, paint them grey and glue them in front of the towers as cannons, I recommend that you glue them direclty into the deck/lower turret top to strenghten the model.

This done, glue two sections of grey painted plastic cilinder over the tower design. The last step is the conning tower: the two smaller grey triangles; glue  the bigger first and the smaller on top over the matching design on the upper deck and you're ready to go!

You can always detail it more adding masts, for that florist wire is ideal, using a small tack to pierce the hull.

Assemble the Lion as per above, only add the grey pentagon over its design glued on a balsa plank

The tiger has one turret in a different position and three chimeneys

New Zealand has two "conning towers" and turrets amdiships

Invincible is much like New Zealand, just add a third chimney aft

The minotaur has just two turrets

Duke of Edinburgh has a short upper deck and plenty of monogun turrets

The Hampshire is pretty much like the Edinburgh but with less turrets

The Orion has a rear tower to place the upper aft gun

The Bellerophon has a simiar profile than the Orion but with different turret disposition

The Colossus has a tower below the aft turret


King George




Light craft (both sides)
 Finally, the dingys
Should do better light cruisers but can't find coloured blueprints

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