Saturday 29 July 2023

The sentinels of Xeti


Amazons and lizardmen have reached the pyramids of Xeti looking for a sacred gold tablet. The rains stop and a radiant day shines as both warbands search the ruins
The lizards get the first turn and explore the colossal slann head and the spawning pool without success
The amazons also look for the fabled tablet on their side of the board
Finding it next to the pyramid
With the treasure on enemy hands, the lizards must push forwards, but a vicious carnivore plant falls upon one of their heroes

In a desperate rush skinks and sauruses run towards the prize
Well protected by the amazon warriors
Surprisingly, instead of charging the foe the skinks decide to fire arrows between the vegetation, giving the amazons more than enough time to carry the tablet safely towards their board edge
As ever nature is far more deadly than the warbands, killing and knocking down both lizardmen and warrior women indiscriminately
Priestess Chel shields her women with magic as the treasure nears the exit point

While part of the amazon warband takes the treasure to safety, the rest charge valiantly towards the foe covered by the ineffective shots of their comrades 
One of the girls stumbles on a quicksand, but thanks to wearing only a leopard bikini she manages to get out without any trouble
A poor skink hero is charged by two savage amazons and slaughtered
Even the formidable saurus proves no match for the Slithering Tribe today, killed by the combined power of drugs and magic swords of the Old Ones

The skinks keep firing from the bushes, managing to kill a totem warrior with their shortbows
But alas, they have suffered too many losses and flee the battlefield
Leaving the sacred tablet in the hands of priestess Chel
And with this amazon victory concludes our gaming season, see you in September after the holidays!

Thursday 27 July 2023

Amazon reinforcements


As I got more and more gold in the Mordheim campaign I realized that my amazon warband was lacking in numbers. Promptly I contacted my local 3D dealer and ordered a batch of new warriors, who were painted just in time for the third game
The women of the slithering serpent tribe like to adorn themselves with jewels, scaly skins and feathers, using their tattoos to convey both wealth and experience; that way the most inked up warriors are always the nobles and priestesses of the community

I found out that in Lustria ranged warfare is not very effective, between the heavy rainstorms and the prevalent jungle cover, so these girls are all equipped for hand to hand with swords, axes and bucklers

All members of the tribe have a serpent tattoo somewhere on their body that they recieve upon coming of age. This sacred reptile is the totem animal of their patron god Sotek

Still a bronze age civilization amazons do not use iron, but their archaic weaponry is as effective as that of more advanced races, boosted as it is by the power of the Old Ones

Sunday 23 July 2023

Isle of the beast

Our lustrian warbands take to the seas in the next battle of the campaign. This time the amazons have cornered their lizard nemesis in an abandoned fort, and launch a surprise attack
The speedy amazon vessel arrows towards the coast
Where the lizardmen are scrambling aboard their boat
The amazons will win if they seize these three coffers or sink the enemy ship
Anchor aweigh!
On the island a deadly carnivorous plant swallows a saurus
The lizard frigate has set sail, and both vessels exchange cannonfire
A native curse leaves the skinks unfazed
While a sea serpent takes a bite off the amazon ship
Lots of fauna in these waters, including sirens
At last the amazons manage to overtake the enemy ship and head for the coast
Where carnivorous plants wreak havoc
And the skinks have formed a diminutive gunline
Too unfamiliar with foreign tech two sauruses manage to blow themselves up to kingdom come
The amazons dock
And assault the enemy compound
Harassed by the native fauna
In a show of athleticism, an amazon divebombs and skewers the skink guarding the coffers
The handmaidens try their best to clean the fort
But the girl on top of the coffers is wounded by a combination of skink daggers and creeping vines.
With he enemy vessel still afloat and the chests secured it's a defeat for the Lustry Girls!