Friday 31 December 2021

The slithering serpent tribe


Much like Necromunda Mordheim also have its band of warrior girls, two no less! Since our usual setting is the steaming jungles of Lustria I decided to go with a 3D printed tribe of amazons; that also gave an oportunity to try my hand at painting tattoos, a little seen feature on minis that would give an exotic touch to these fearsome handmaidens of the gods.
Priestess Chel is the leader of the gang. A member of the ruling sisterhood of Rigg, she is equipped with an ancient sunstaff, a weapon of the Old Ones capable of firing a beam of pure enrgy. In the slithering serpent tribe tattoos are a mark of status, so a powerful noble like her is covered head to foot in them!

Zuma is one of the tribe's bersekers, specialist warriors that enter into a frenzy before battle and launch themselves at the foe without fear. To increase her damage output I gave her a Claw of the Old Ones, a lightsaber sword capable of cutting through armour like it's hot butter, it will certainly prove useful against the up-armoured saurus of my father's warband

Akna is the first of two champions, capable warriors that excel at both ranged and hand to hand combat, she is armed with a buckler and a maul
Lepoard print was a must for these girls, but it ended looking to much like their skin
The Coatl is a powerful symbol for the amazons, that like to wear their feathers for luck and tattoo its figure on their skin to get some of their legendary speed and grace

Eztli is the second berseker, armed with claw and buckler too
Snakes are the totem animal of the tribe, and Sotek is revered next to Rigg as god of war and vengeance. In fact whenever a member of the tribe comes of age they ink up his holy serpent on their bodies as part of the rites of passage, and there is at least one on all members of the warband

The fianl heroine of the band is Xoco, armed also with macana (maul) and buckler

Colel is the first of the henchwomen, equipped for hand to hand also

However the main armament of the baseline troops is the bow, an effective weapon in the constant rain of Lustria that is both cheap and long ranged
The white roses that I painted on her were obscured by the ink wash so I'll stick with yellow/red/purple/pink ones in the future

Yolotli is another henchwoman armed with a bow, she is quite young so she hasn't got many tattoos yet, but her aim with the bow however is still as good as that of her sisters

Being dwellers of the jungle vegetal patterns like roses, plants, and geometric leaves are quite popular amongst the amazon tribes of Lustria

Payaan is the warband's scout, ranging ahead of the tribe and hiding herself in the jungle before striking unexpectedly. She is also a great model for the amazon (kislevite) ranger we like to hire in our games

Finally Itzae is the last fighter of the band, with a look inspired on ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur

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