Sunday 12 December 2021

The fall of Arnor


After the taking of Fornost the forces of Arnor are dispersed all over the north, barely escaping with his life king Ardevui flees to the frozen lands of Forochel but is lost in a storm. All seems lost when a massive fleet from Gondor lands on the Grey Havens, and together with the elves led by Glorfindel bring battle to the Witch King before the ruined gates of the devastated capital
Angmar has gathered an impressive host of orcs and other fell cretures, but will it be enough before the massed power of the West?
Men and elves stand shoulder to shoulder against evil
The orcs deploy second and concentrate all their forces on the right, that way they will only face half of the enemy army and its lethal elfic bows
The token allied force on the right must hold until reinforcements arrive
But the difficult ground in the middle slows somewhat their progress
The lines crash into one another, armoured men fighting it out with orcs and uruks
Then an unexpected force arrives behind the Witch King's army: king Eärnur, Glorfindel and the cavalry have arrived
The riders of Gondor get inmediately stuck in
But the superior number of foes starts to tell and some knights are surrounded and taken down

In the center the warriors of Minas Tirith have been all but wiped out
A true heir of Aenarion Eärnur proves his mettle in battle, keeping the enemy at bay and striking back despite being surrounded by many orcs and a fearsome troll
Meanwhile Glorfindel challenges the Witch King to an honourable duel
But the malevolent spectre throws his minions against the elf lord instead
Frozen by Angamr's fell magic, the king of Gondor is murdered by orc scimitars

The second wave of good warriors launch their assault into the orcs, and both sides suffer terrible losses
Glorfindel and the rest of the cavalry fight on valiantly, but the orcs are too many and the elfic prince is eventually killed by a troll
In the big central melee the elves start to gain the upper hand, but with both their heores defeated the western soldiers lose hope and retreat to the sea, leaving the northen kingdom in Sauron's hands