Friday 10 December 2021

The siege of Fornost


After the failure of the rangers the forces of the Witch King surround the capital of Arnor and launch an assault on the unprepared defenders with siege towers, catapults and a veritable horde of orcs and trolls
Well hidden behind the walls a trebuchet throws stone after stone into the encroaching host of evil
Safely hidden in the rearguard king Ardevui leds the defence
But the advance of Sauron's minions is unstoppable and despite suffering some losses the horde keeps its unrelenting advance
A lucky projectile lands on top of a tower and wipes a sizeable number of rangers
Some adventurous men make a suicidal sortie
And are utterly slaugtered
The defenders launch volley after volley in a desperate attempt to wittle down the foe
And even kill a massive troll
The Witch King himself is targeted, and after losing his horse retreats to the right siege tower
In the end the ramps lower
And the orcs flood the defences, taking the city

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