Thursday 23 December 2021

Battle of Mayport


Jacksonville is invested, now the only hope of the Union is a relief force that attempts to cut through the rebel lines near Mayport
Jhonny reb however is ready for a scrap and the greycoats emerge from the siegeworks to give battle
The volunteers on Pennsylvania attack
Only to be recieved by a rebel volley
The first nordists begin to flee from the battlefield
Despite the losses the rebels keep delivering a deadly fire, inspired by their valiant officers that led from the front of the bloody encounter
With lead flying all over both sides hug the cover of rocks and forests
The rebel command stands firm, trading long ranged fire with the invaders...
That anihilate the enemy gun
With the dwindling rays of the sun the battle comes to an end, the ravaged unionists retreating to the coast and leaving Jacksonville in confederate hands

We may sneak a game or not before Christmas, but in any case let me wish you al happy holidays and a New Year full of wargaming and exciting projects

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