Tuesday 28 November 2023

Battle of the 10th hall


Deep under the Grey Mountains the dwarves face their old enemy in the mines of Moria
The mass of goblins is bolstered by four massive trolls, a tough opponent for the doughty dwarves
Led by Dwalin Durin's folk stands ready for battle
The goblins have the ranged advantage with their bows, and the dwarves must move quick before their ancestral foe brings extra troops from the left

A solid wall of fighters bars a gap between some stalactites while the rest of the host advances
During the advance an endless rain of arrows falls on the dwarves, killing one of the armoured warriors
Battle begins in the right with a clash between both flanks
While Dwalin and his dwarves form the shieldwall
While outnumbered, the superior quality of the dwarves begins to show up, and goblin after goblin fall to their swords, spears and spears
By now Dwalin has also entered the fray, slaughtering some poor goblin archers
The charge soon becomes hard fought melee for a critical chokepoint
On their backs the dwarf blockade stands firm against a rising number of orcs
The fight on the right also goes in favour of the dwarves with just four goblins remaining
More and more goblins launch themselves at the shieldwall but they cannot pierce the thin armoured line and are slaughtered 
Total wipeout on the right with just the troll and a goblin captain remaining
At the cry of Baruk Kâzad the dwarves slay goblin after goblin
Killing even one of the fearsome trolls
The death of the goblin leader spells defeat for the dark forces, that having crossed their morale threshold start to flee from the battlefield
The casualties speak for themselves: dwarves on the left, orcs on the right

Wednesday 22 November 2023

The Tomb of the Lost Saint

And so it was how after cutting a bloody swath through the wasteland Klovis the Redeemer came to the walls of hive Temenos. Forming the speartip of a holy crusade that led the Prophet in triumph to the holiest city in all of Necromunda
Before us stood our final destination: a blessed tomb that held the holy body of the Fallen Saint in stasis
Alas, the hordes of evil had gathered in the sacred crypt for a last, futile final stand
Preventing the warriors of the faith from liberating he who would usher a new, zealous age for the planet of Necromunda
Aribtes and goliaths barred our path...
But undaunted as ever my mentor sounded the charge, un leashing a tide of faith that would wash clean the hive from sinners and heretics
The pious novices were the first to move into the fray
Braving the hellish fire of the miscreants
Next to the redeemer I led a frontal assault against the heretic lines, but the harrowing fusilade that came from their corrupt lines forced me to take cover behind a tomb

As ever the Redeemer had a plan to best the forces of darkness, and while we kept the sinners occupied in the center he led a right hook atht he head of select forces that soon saw the false judges undone
In the left the goliaths kept up the fight, led by a bloated monster wielding a massive multimelta like it was nothing thanks to the blasphemous gifts of his dark gods
But little can such scum do against the cleansing fire of redemption, and soon the brutes were thrashing in the ground enveloped by the cleansing shrouds of flame spewed from the weapons of the faithful
The flanking force meanwhile was making great progress thanks to the Ambot purchased by the Redeemer, a magnificent construct that ripped apart judge after judge

The templars joined in its mechanical onslaught with shotgun and rifleharrowing the bodies of the corrupt policement with leaden bullets thrice blessed by the Prophet himself
Even in the left the situation went in our favour, with our advance fast becoming a war of attrition in which we had the edge thanks to the unending masses of the faithful
Judging that his moment had come the Prophet rushed to the center of the battlefield with miraculous speed, carried no doubt by the angels of the Emperor to his preordained fate

Our hearts leapt as we saw the enemy leader fall to the Ambot, a messy demise that fired the hearts of the crusaders and disheartened our foes in equal measure
Lacking our zeal as new converts to the Redemption the eschers kept back for a while, but seeing the battle all but won rushed into the foe, unleashing their deadly chemical sprayers into the hated goliaths
Not even the temporary fall of the Ambot could prevent our inevitable victory, decreed as it had been by Him on Terra
The Prophet marched boldly into the passage that led to the Saint's mausoleum, daring the weak willed arbitrators to fire on his most holy person
By then the advance had become general, with eschers, templars and mercenaries moving as an imparable wall of faith tracing the blessed steps of our new messiah
Even the overmuscled goliaths were brought low by such miraculous alliance
Falling one by one under the claws of the crusade
A last cordon of arbitrators stood watch in the passage, but when the prophet charged they began to fall one after the other under the sacred blows of his burning brazier

All resistance melted before this sacred onslaught

And at last our blessed leader cut his way to the tomb liberating the Fallen Saint from its prison.
And with his coming a frenzy of zeal gripped the masses of Necromunda, who overthrew the faithless Helmawrs from the heights of the Spire and installed a new ruler chosen by the Emperor who spread the redemptionist faith to the farthest corners of the sacred orb. ¡Praise be!