Tuesday 14 November 2023

Road to Temenos: War in the wastes


Our Necromunda campaign enters its final phase with an ash wastes clash between the righteous arbites and the crazed eschers, fighting for more turf before the final game
The judges have gathered all their assets, including some mercs from the iron guild

Battle begins with the big guns speaking up as the vehicles of both gangs open fire on each other
The bike squad moves in ad starts blasting perps with their integrated bolters
On the other side of the settlement judge Dread gives judgement with incendiary ammo
But the eschers are well equipped to deal with such situations and with chirurgical strikes remove one arbitrator after the other tipping the balance in their favour
Even the fearsome judge falls to Adriana's powerwip
Battle reaches its peak when the arbites bikes attack the escher rearguard

Aided by a motley contingent of mercenaries that jump off the riot tank
 Adriana herself is brought down by a coup de grace
But quick to react an escher champion carves a bloody path through the policemen armed with her trusty flamer and stiletto sword

Battle ends in the sixth turn with a clear victory for the eschers, who grab the last relic of the arbites

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