Tuesday 7 November 2023

Road to Temenos: the harrowing of the faithless

Listen well all you faithful, for I shall now tell the deeds of blessed Klovis, Redeemer of Necromunda and most holy champion of te Redemption. Following in the footsteps of a Preacher blessed by the Emperor Himself, the Redeemer caught up with him outside the chapel of saint Mina close to hive temenos, and there he offered passage to that most holy of sites aboard the Pulpitek.
Coming down from the gilded heights of the Spire the nobles of Ko iron had joined our ranks to witness the prophet's miracles first hand, adding their mastercrafted weapons to our struggle for purity
Even the technocrats of the Mechanicum had joined the fight, lending Klovis one of their excavation automata in a bid to gain favour with the growing ranks of the faithful
Our path was barred by a rabble of so called arbitrators, corrupt policemen that in their ignorance dared to raise blasphemous arms against the holy person of the Prophet
The holy man was struck down by a cowardly fusillade, and we rushed to his aid
Such a sin was however but a futile gesture, since their cordon was as porous and weak as their souls, being easily trespassed by the crusaders of the Emperor
It was one of the noble zealots  who avenged the prophet, chopping down the malefic enforcer with her golden plated eviscerator
And thus opening the way to the chapel for the templars of Redemption 
And so it was how we retook one of the most sacred temples of Necromunda, brining its holy relics to the hands of the faithful once more. Praise be!

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