Sunday 5 November 2023

Warhammer werewolves

For the last game of the Mordheim campaign I wanted something special, and luckily the rules have a cool scenario with some werewolves that are a nightmare for all the warbands involved. Given that the only official wolfmen are some expensive models from Forgeworld I went with these nice 3D prints.
Painting was pretty straightforwards with a grey drybrush over black and then detailing work in the fangs, claws and mouths. On internet I saw some wolves with yellow eyes, so I went with that for antinatural look, supplemented with some shiny glaze to make them look more scary
The buildings took a bit more time, the base was grey instead of black to keep them apart from the werewolves, the roof tiles were painted blue to make them look like slate and the earth was just a clear tan washed with vallejo sepia


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