Tuesday 31 July 2018

The aphrodities

 16 hours straight painting these ladies, doubtlessly the most complex minis I've ever painted. I did them in a scheme based on Top Cow's comic characther Aphrodite IX, wich gives them a sci fi feel and also contrasts with the red of the redemptionists. There is a sprinkling of blue and red to combine with the green. I tried to do some tattoos but after the first fail I decided to leave them at that, Aphrodite doesn't wear tattoos excep the spot on her cheek and the IX on the left shoulder, so no need for them. With these I've finished my ETL pledge, now I'm off to get some sleep, happy summer all.

Friday 27 July 2018

Pouian hiveguard 7th squad

 Every knight needs his squires and the Pouia Hiveguard perform this role, taking up less chivalric tasks such as holding objectives or digging up the next set of latrines