Thursday 12 July 2018

Kislev cup goblins vs orcs

 Another match is about to begin, Supergobs vs Pouferradina
 The humans recieve

 And open a gap on the left
 However two gobs sneak and trow the ballcarrier out of the pitch
 A goblin has the ball

 But the humans go after him
 His teammates rush to the rescue
 As some humans prowl the backfield
 The carrier is down, the humans seize the ball

 And the lineman fails to catch it, what a disapointment

 The gobbos react, one pushes the offending player
 Then the rest catch the ball
 The carrier is however unprotected and he is taken down, the ball being returned by the enthusiast fans
 A human runner grabs the ball
 And dodges his way into the endline scoring a TOUCHDOWN

 Now it's the gob turn
 The trolls do what they know best

 As the goblins grab the ball
 A nice cage
 The humans break into the cage
 But it slips trough the half line
 The humans keeps the pressure up
 Clang! both hit the dirt
 A spray of blood and that player, is dead!

 That troll decided to take a bite out of the ballcarrier the poor greenskin manages to elude the gaping maw and falls frightened to the ground
 Welcome to the second half, the humans have deployed ina double catenaccio copied from the ork playblook
 The goblins recieve and form up the old cage
 The humans press the cage

 But the gobs are slippery and make slow but unrelenting progress

 The human defence presses into the edges of the cage

 The ref overlooking a criminal foul as always, the cheese must have been real tasty

 The ballcarrier makes a run for it, dodges this way and that
 He's out of the defending zone
 Last inches down to go, ah he's tripped on a stone and fallen, mediocre!
 The humans have it now
 And go for a hail mary pass
 However a stunty gob jumps and intercepts the ball, what a turnoff!
 The player rushes to the touchdown zon and falls next to his temmate, what a sorry spectacle!
 The humans have the ball again and looks like they're moving for a pass
 That lineman didn't pay attention during training and the ball falls way off target
 Anothet goblin has posession, is moving into the enemy half, throws aand
 With scant minutes remaining ad the score tied 1-1 the humans must play it quick
 Many players slip through the line
 As a thrower gets the ball
 A failed tackle, seriously today isn't the gobs best showing
 The thrower leans back, makes a perfect pass
And the ball slips through the catcher's arms.
The ref whistles the end and the match ends up in a tie!

Pouferradina: 6
Supergobs: 5
Skarsnik's Boyz: 3
Pinxapinyes: 2

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