Wednesday 4 July 2018

Titanicus playtest 2

 I wanted to try out the gargants so I arranged a little game against the Legio Mortis. Since I've included some new terrain rules I put up a deathworld board to play. We rolled frontal assault so the armies deployed facing each other.
 Coffe makers go!
 Mortis huddled together
 The great gargant began by skirting a jungle patch and destroying some voids
 Then the death skulls gargant charged 
 All the Mortis firepower rained on the goff gargant (first left) that lost its shields and was forced into a killing frenzy, its kapting spending every ounce of power moving forwards
 The great gargant damaged the chainfist of  Bodil

 Massed firepower blows up the goff gargant
 The death skulls charges and wounds Calvaria's princeps with repeated blows to the head from its two energized close combat weapons
 Bodils decides to run for it
 Then thinking twice turns and destroys the gargant's shields

 Calvaria falls back firing the gatling
 But the great gargant looms over it and chops its skull with a pincer cut
 Bodil's princeps decided to go for it and push the plasma points over the safety levels, however he rolled a 6' and the plasma vented out explosively damaging the reactor
 The great gargant finished off the striken engine with ease
And so the battle comes to an end with a clear ork victory 475-200

Orks proved to be much more competitive than I thought, their shooting is nothing to brag about, as it should be, so they must try to get to grips with the enemy.


  1. Magnifique, les figurines sont très impressionnantes!

  2. merci, les gargants sont faits a main