Monday, 23 July 2018

Necator Omnium, knight crusader

Necator is the mount of Baron Georgius, an imperial knight of the crusader class equipped with two stubbers, termal cannon and a rapid firing battlecannon, The knight has seen service since before the dawn of the imperium, being one of the first batch sent by the Metalica priesthood when they signed their pact with the Pouia nobility prior to the long night. The knight is festooned with imperial icons, the name of the forgeworld is also prominent to signify the importance of the pact.

The plasma reacor is bessed by a magos
The termal cannon was scratchbuilt from the reaper chainsword
I left the banner blank, he will have to earn those honours in battle
Lava base of course, with dead smurfs scattered

House Cervaria Heraldry: a red deer head on a field of gold
Georgius's personal coat of arms: red and gold checkers under a black aquila
The device is repeated on the left kneepad
The knight has served both with the Void Crusaders space marines (black cross over gold/yellow field) and the Legio Metalica (red, gold plus black/white stripes)
Necator steps casually on the chaos filth
Shiney blue eyes

The carapace comes off to reveal the baron within kinder surprise style

The generator is behind the baron
Cockpit controls and screens showing info, the auspex and the minititan status, there seem to be some problems with the left arm

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