Thursday 19 July 2018

Battle for Talabheim

The battle erupts north of Talabheim as the army of Hochland clashes with the defending skaven led by grey seer Thanquol and his ""trusty"" sidekick boneripper
The rodents begin their advance
Kill kill the man-things
Thanquol begins his usual bad luck streak with a spectacular miscast
The steam tank aims and kills the warlock engineer with a cannonball
Another of Thanqol's spells turns back on the unfortunate seer, wounding him
He then duly proceeds to miscast again
Led by their grand master, the reiksguard crashes into some rat ogres
While the tank steams towards the second pack
Bullseye, many rats are blown up by the newly painted mortar
Still on the fight
The moulder beasts are routed and cut down
The tank rolled down the rest contemptously
Sakeven MVPs, the rat swarms, proceed to tarpit the tank
Another swarm charges against the rightmost mortar, that flees
Boneripper is sent to kill the imperial commander by the cowardly (or is it wily?) seer
Yet another miscast, seriously that warpstone dust was totally adulterated
A warp cannon kills many swordsmen, beginning the rout of the left flank
After killing just one knight, boneripper is gutted by the grand master. He just had to die like in the novels, worry not the skryre's are building up a new one
The mortar crew didn't regroup and fled
The hellblaster blasted all but two rats outta a big block
In mid battle the gutter runners showed up behind the imperial lines
A mostly intact unit of clanrats charges the spearmen, then are countercharged by the detachment
Which is charged in its turn by the battle standard and his mate
Thanquol suffers a warp stone indigestion and miscasts the fourth time in a row, he's gonna have a few words with his dealer
The warpfire thrower nuked itself

The pressure was too much and the spearmen fled
Running away from the grand master, Thanquol is blown away by a hellblaster

The spearmen regroup but are beset by enemies
Gutter runners charge sneakily the hellblaster

Skaven holding on with a 3 on 2D6, just what they needed
The gutter runners wipe the crew and then attack the harquebusiers
Invoking the name of Sigmar the warrior priest kills the foul vermin
The spearmen lose the combat and run for dear life
In the last turn the knights destroyed the warp cannon
Overview at the end, the big blobs north of the forests are dead

We counted up VP and the imperials won by 1190pts,  not enough for a massacre but victory nonetheless
 The army of Hochland conquers Talabheim
Next campaign turn Talabheim is fortified and Ikit's horde moves into Reikland

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