Thursday 19 July 2018

Bloodbath at Grissenwald

 Emperor Karl Franz and the army of Reikland defend this town from the invading army of Ikit Claw
 The imperials deploy as a solid block around a high position
 The skaven deploy two third of their force with the rest acting as a flanking force

 Here they come!
 The rat ogres were ravaged by hellblaster fire, Franz moping up the remains
 Then the gutter runners showed up behind the imperial lines
 The warp cannon injuried badly Karl's dragon but the explosion also killed the engineer!
Such "friendly fire" incidents are commonplace in skaven society
 Ikit's clanrats charged the emperor
 But he turned round and scattered the pitiful rats in a show of imperial might
 The flanking force shows up in turn 5, too late 
 After killing a priest and the hellblaster's crew the runners wip out a detachment
Overview at the end of the battle, the imperials won by 900ish points. 
So, with another imperial victory the skaven retreats and the campaign ends with a solid win for Sigmar's People 12-8

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