Wednesday 7 June 2023

Road to Temenos: The Waters of Soronus


And so it happened that a great Prophet arose in Necromunda to rally the faithful in a massive pilgrimage to the most holy hive of Temenos. The Redeemer heeded the call of the Emperor, and after witnessing this holy man's miracles decided to join the forces of the crusade to his cause, leaving the witless nobles of the Spire to their incessant bickering.
Our first target was the holy relic stored in the temple of waters of Saint Soronus, a blessed church on the path to Temenos defended by the junkie eschers
The first shots of the vixens landed on the ranks of the faithful, who protected by His holy grace escaped all damage 
It was time for retaliation, and the guns of the Pulpitek spoke in anger shaking the decadent crew of their ash crawler
In a drug induced haze the harridans charged our lines, exposing their sinful bodies to the bullets of the faithful, who lost no time in delivering the Emperor's judgement at gunpoint
Seeing that the sinners were faltering under our righteous onslaught, the Redeemer descended among us to deliver punishment first hand with the Sword of Persecution
Our allies from house Ko'iron proved also a valuable assent in that most sacred of struggles, chastising the vicious viragos with bolter and flamer
In a stroke of bad luck one of the templars was felled by a panicked mining laser shot
But the Master of Mankind had decreced that we would be triumphant that day, and with holy eviscerators was the enemy leader brought low, a fit punishment for her unspeakable, degenerate acts
With their flank in tatters we marched into the foe, singing psalms and anthems to His glory as we poured fire on the sinful ranks
Filled with faith the sororitas novices charged into the foe, being granted the mercy of martyrdom under their corrupt blades
Unshaken by such losses the crusaders rushed their position, dispatching a fallen champion 
By then their crawler had been immobilized by the Pulpitek, and Klovis led an irrepressible charge that smashed into its armoured flanks 
fora all their zeal the blows of the templars didn't manage to penetrate the thick layers of adamantium and plasteel that encased that conveyor of sin, but their anthems and imprecations sure put the Emperor's fear in the crew!
And praise be with the loss of their last fighter the eschers finally lost heart and quit the field
Leaving the church of Saint Soronus in the hands of the one true faith!

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