Sunday 4 June 2023

Adeptus Arbites, Judge Dredd cut


The adeptus arbites have always been an integral part of the 40k universe, and after seeing their new models last year I knew they were too nice to pass up. Promptly I got a squad of them plus some extra bikes. Given that I'm a Judge Dredd fan, I painted them in his iconic red-black-green scheme, like their predecessors from the 90s.
I'll mostly play them as venators in Necromunda, but they might as well show up in a 40k game 
Judge Dredd Dread is the proctor in charge of the squad, accompanied by his trusty cyberhound K-9

Then we have the ubiquitous arbites armed with shotgun, a weapon that much like a lawgiver can fire several specialized rounds to deal with any situation

I love how all models come with a daystick to quell riots, and some handcuffs and keys here and there
Bolters are some of the best weapons in necromunda, but sadly the box came without them. I had then to convert the models with weapons taken from the custodian guard, a fitting imperial gun to impose the Law on the restless rabble of the hives

One of the models came with a sniper rifle, a weapon that albeit not too powerful looks awesome

And last but not least an arbites equipped with suppression shield and powermaul

Our next campaign will take us to the ash wastes, so these cops needed some bikes to patrol the lawless deserts outside Hive Primus. Enter scout bikes, which are armoured enough to look like the lawmasters from Judge Dredd and fit nicely with the rest of the gang

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