Monday 5 June 2023

Siege of badajoz


Starting a small napoleonic mini-campaign about Wellington's invasion of Spain in 1812, to kick the frenchies out. First scenario is the siege of Badajoz, a fortress well defended by the imperials under Armand Philippon
First weeks of the siege are spent digging the approaches to the fortress
And soon the first parallel is opened
The french concentrate their cannon on the british troops causing some loss
But soon the mines reach the walls
And open several breaches
The redcoats open yet another parallel and pour a lively fire on Badajoz
The first assault on the bastion is repulsed however
But then the french surprisingly retreat inside the city
Yet another breach is opened by cannonfire
And then the brits launch an all out assault on the unmanned bastions
Lightly defended by some cannon crews, the ramparts are conquered
A french attempt to retake them fails
And the fortress is taken by the brits in the last turn of the siege

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