Tuesday 5 March 2019

Oldies but Goldies

 For the upcoming titanicus campaign I've adquired some knight support for the legios. The baddies come from House Devine. A storied dynasty, they first showed up in epic as slaaneshi knights. In the newer heresy they also betray the Imperium, tipping the fate of the Battle of Molech towards the Warmaster. Several publications give a wide variety of heraldry: vermillion (vengeful spirit), green and black (devine adoratrice), purple and gold (titandeath) and the usual slaanesh pink and black. I went with purple since I like the combination of colours and I'm painting them for titandeath anyway.
These models are also highly versatile, when the Molech supplement eventually comes out I can mass all the knights in one side replacing a loyalist warlord 

 Banelash is the mount of Albard Devine, the current High King of the house. He got to the throne after killing his brother (who in turn had killed his father), such a united family!
Banelash in-book
 Banelash replaces the reaper chainsword for a lash oviously, ingame the command knight is best protected in the back of the group, that way Albard can wip his men forwards

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