Sunday 24 July 2016

Costian Void Hunters

 A lightning from  my new aircraft project: the Costian void hunters, a regiment hailing from the mining planet Costia IX in the metalica subsector. The planet is the major exporter of promethium from the subsector, extracted from the gas clouds thanks to gravitic collectors. The place is unique in that instead of contributing with land troops to the effor of the Crusade its armed forces take to the sky aboard fighters recieved in exchange of the fuel from the Metalica forgeworld. With no land to speak of the defence of the planes has always resided in the dominion of airspace.

Each noble house from the planet has control of an orbital processing plant and is their duty to supply an ala or fighter wing to the planetary overlord. All costians may apply for a place in the Hunters but the command tends to fall on the family and protegees of the house that maintains the wing. Of course the size of each ala depends on the wealth of the plate with the 1st, based on the capital, deploying hundreds of craft while lesser plates, such as nr. 52 can only muster a handful of them. 
In battle each ala is divided in smaller turmae of three fighters led by a Turmarca, while overall command rests on a praefectus alae. 

With only a life of toil or jaded luxury back home the Void Hunters are never short on recruits!

Skel Hosa triarca of the 4th turma form the 52nd ala


  1. Very cool! I like that color scheme a lot!

  2. Thanks! I looked up the colur wheel to get the exact opposite to the main colour