Saturday 30 January 2016

Third day of the Karak Eight Peaks campaign: Battle for the Bone Caves

 Today I met with the skaven player at his home for the Karak Eight Peaks campaign.
First we deployed both our armies as shown above, since the dwarf player couldn't come we didn't touch any of his armies/territories, a system we developed to play camapigns without needing everyone everytime.
 The skavens got first turn, and in the month of Pflugzeit retreated deeper underground in the west tunnels. In mighty empires the ratties have to burn all the territories where they move to but do not suffer from hunger when moving through burned lands, with this scorched earth policy they become the russians of the setting!.
The orcs moved into the abandoned territories while one of their banners dug a tunnel
 At the beginning of Sigmarzeit the skaven 4th army attacked an orc force in the Bone Caves, while their 1st army moved up from their capital
 We rolled the hurried battle scenario, the battlefield was a vast cavern partially divided by a chasm.
 The orc 5th army: a giant, 20 night goblins and 15 orcs with two hand weapons
 Sakeven 4th army: 20 clan warriors+mortar, 6 rat oges, 2 stormvermin+warpfire thrower and some giant rats
 The orcs got first turn and marched forwards
 The ramshackle skaven weaponry perdictabilly failed to hit anything
 The giant rats came too close to the night goblins...
 Making them release their fanatics, as always the fanatics didn't kill any skaven but some orcs and goblins; typical!
 In the next turn the giant charged the rats who routed, dragging all the army with them as panic spread and unit after unit failed their Ld tests
 Sauve qui peut!
 The skavens managed to rally the clanrats but when in the  next turn they recieved the giant's charge they ran again and the skavens conceded
Since they lost, the skaven army retraced its steps. The orc army recovered roughly half of the fanatic's victims. Next day'll hopefully see some dwarfs vs orcs action.

Warhammer is sure weird, when you can win combats and even battles without killing anyone

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