Friday 9 April 2021

Siege of Lessu


After securing orbit over the Twi'Lek homeworld, the Republic unleashes the clone army, that invades the world and attacks its capital of Lessu
First into the fray is general Kenobi, that jumps into a redoubt ahead of his troops
The clones take cover, and their fire destroys some B2 droids
Ahsoka advances a bit recklessly, and gets embroiled in a risky combat against Ventress
Her master menawhile divebombs into a swarm of B1s
The BARC speeder also opens up, striking and fading repeatedly
Kenobi attacks Ventress too, but she manages to shrug off most wounds
After annihilating the battledroids, Anakin come sto grips with the head clanker
Meanwhile the Deathwatch has been slaughtered by republican fire, and their last member runs way 
Ahsoka is finally killed, she should have dodged more!
The battle ends in a GAR victory, as the troopers seize the objective markers

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