Friday, 26 February 2021

Ahsoka Tano


No Clone Wars collection is complete without best girl Ahsoka. Let's face it, no Star Wars collection is complete without her either: Ahsoka is love, Ahsoka is life
This model is a 3D print with a transparent resin lightsaber
Since the clones in the box are those from the first seasons I went with the younger Ahsoka
Clothes are vallejo brandywine with lighter red for the highlights and the leggings sky grey with two layers of white. For the skin I mixed yellow ocre with clear orange, increasing the ocre in the raised areas. The hardest part was painting the lekku tails, using Citadel macragge blue

Since she doesn't have a card yet, I made my own for her teen and mature phases, plus command

Nerf: after the first playtest I've decided to give her defence or attack increments only if she spends dodge or aim tokens, that way she fits in line with the other jedi and is less OP. The commander version causes only one wound if one or more defence incrementes were roles, the 2 saber version causes one wound for each increment rolled.
Note that she's an agent and not special forces as shown in the card.

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