Monday 16 May 2022

Winter assault

The orbit secured by the imperial fleet, it's time now for the ground pounders to take back the frozen planet of Hoth from the rebel elements that have established a base there
Lord Vader gives the order and the imperial army advances, concentrating all fire on the ATRT
Wich is destroyed by the scout bikes
His erstwile apprentice is quick to react, charging recklessly ahead of the rebel forces
The stormtroopers spot the nimble togruta and concentrate fire on her
Vader and the mandalorians come out of cover and move towards the foe
Spotting her old friend Ahsoka jumps from cover and trades several blows with him, hoping to knock some sense in her master at lightsaber point
While the jedi somersaults back into cover, the imperial forces wipe out Bo katan's buckethead gang with surprisingly accurate fire
The right has been quiet since the destruction of the ATRT, but soon imperial reinforcements deploy there to bring battle to the foe
The infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett also arives to help the imperials
In the center Vader has to face off against his son, kids nowadays
Ahsoka sees her chance and joins the fight against the dark lord
Meanwhile the imperial forces have engaged the rebels all over the battelfield, and some fleeing mandos are blasted by the bikes
A wise combination of cards and tactical choices sees the dark lord endure the jedi onslaught, even managing to take Ahsoka out choking her with with the power of the dark side
The rebels try to grab the objectives before battle's end, but the imperial firepower smokes them out
Giving victory to the galactic empire once again
These dissidents should have thought twice before rising aginst their emperor


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