Friday 4 November 2022

Landing at Mondus Gamma


After beating the Warmaster at the Siege of Terra the loyalists begin the Scouring of the galaxy starting by the corrupt planet of  Mars, where the legio Astorum lands to exterminate the traitorous engines of Legio Mortis in the battle for the Mondus Gamma forge
The Spirit of Victory marches into the fray flanked by the smaller warhounds
A pair of scout titans deploy on the left to flank the enemy
The right is held by a corsair maniple of three reavers and some auxilia tanks
After ripping the void shields off a mortis engine the machine spirit of  the Astorum warlord takes over and runs recklessly forwards in its thirst for vengeance
The traitor warhounds have manged to reach my backline, but my reavers manoeuvre deftly around them coming into optimal firing positions
Princeps senioris Kallian retakes control of his engine and rips into the enemy torso with missiles and plasma blasts
Next to it a sneaky warhound has moved itself behind a massive warlord and punishes its chest with accurate fire from its diminutive weapons
The warhound squadron almost kills the enemy command titan with targeted shots
But the killing blow is given by the Spirit of Victory
Amongst these metal giants the super heavy tanks of the imperial army fight their own personal duel.
The second warlord is finished by a powerfist to the torso
With that last blow the battle comes to an end, falling back the traitors towards Olympus Mons


  1. Awesome. Epic Space Marine was the first wargame I ever really fell in love with and that was a long time ago. Good to see titans and super heavies mixing it up.

    1. I'm a bit younger than that but like the vintage models