Tuesday 27 December 2022

Shiv's crushers, goliath gang


Ever since seeing the new goliaths back in 2017 I wanted to add them to my Necromunda collection. I painted these in the official GW scheme that they seem to use for all the gangs of the background, with a clashing combination of red and black fitting for their brutal attitude. They are in fact Shiv's Crushers, a band of genecrafted warriors grown by the rogue doctor Shiv, a brilliant scientist obsessed with creating ever bigger, meaner goliaths.
I wanted to do something special with the stimm capsules, so I painted them to look like glass containers filled with a bubbly fluid
Behemoth is the champion of this gang, a veteran fighter armed with a massive bolter, a hand flamer and some grenades

Then we have Kaerl, a gunslinger type of guy that wields an effective flamer/stub gun combo

Harran Smasher is the first of the melee oriented brawlers, equipped with a powerhammer and flaming pistol for close combat

Along the same line goes Manslaughter, a brute of a man that loves to cleave his foes with a renderizer axe. He can also work as a stimmer giver the number of chem flasks he wears

Stubber Joe brings much needed ranged firepower to the gang thanks to his trusty stub cannon

Narg Crusher rounds up the shooters, again armed with the iconic goliath stub cannon

Hand flamers are the best weapon in Necromunda so I made sure to give plenty of them to this gang

Korg is another example of the goliath penchant for hand to hand, armed with a spud jacker and a hand flamer

In Shiv's Crushers you gotta earn your name, so the younger members of the gang are simply known by their vat-designation

A second juve wielding an axe and stub poistol wraps up the gang

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