Sunday 13 June 2021

Rogue doc


Shiv is a Necromunda Rogue Doc, located in Hive PrimusUnderhive. She is well known for both her illegal experimentation on Underhivers and her close association with House Goliath. This is due to Shiv's track record of creating Goliath Unborn at an almost 50% success rate. These results place her amongst the most successful docs in her field, and the first stop for many wannabe Goliaths. Shiv also has a talent for concocting chems, which has made her a target for House Escher's gangs, who accuse her of stealing their House's secrets. These threats made Shiv seek out protection and she used her knowledge of chems to obtain the bodyguard Goliath Stimmer Brok, along with a gang of other Stimmers for him to command. Brok is utterly devoted to Shiv, though, none cay say whether this is due to having romantic feelings for her or if Shiv has laced his chems to ensure his loyalty. In either case, Brok's gang, known as the Crushers or more commonly Shiv's Crushers, have been able to solve plenty of Shiv's problems. This includes nosy Escher gangs and even other Rogue Docs who set up too close to her territory. Recent rumors also claim that Shiv has almost perfected an elixir based on Brok's blood, that will turn any Goliath into a Stimmer. If this is true, it could elevate Shiv into a real power in Hive PrimusUnderhive Hive Primus

The model is a wet nurse from Kingdom Death with a respirator from the poxwalkers and a B1 blaster
I should have used a light background

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