Sunday, 13 June 2021

Cheesecake Nurse


Doc Torp was once an Escher genetor born in the heights of Hive City. Despite her relatively privileged life she wanted something more than a life servitude on the house laboratories, so she fled downhive to strike it out on her own. Thanks to her genecrafting background she quickly found employment in a goliath gang, that protected her from the House of Blades in exchange for newer and better vatborn warriors. Her cloning and genetic skills soon made her the chief scientist of the settlemnt, and soon a new generation of improved muscle trod out from the geneforges to wage war against the enemies of the clan. Sadly such rising star caught the eye of the guilders, that sent its enforgers to destroy the warband in a single night of blood and fire. Now little more than an exile, the doc hires her medical services to any gang that gives her protection from her venegful sisters and can afford her fees.
The model is a wet nurse from Kingdom Death with a respirator from the poxwalkers and a B1 blaster
I should have used a light background

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