Friday 18 June 2021

Waterloo anniversary


Today is the commemoration of Waterloo so we took the chance to replay it

The french begin the battle with a massed assault on Hugoumont
While their cavalry charges in the center
Scots greys counterattack the cuirassiers
As the light dragoons do likewise

Beset by twice as many foes, the british manage to rout the dragoons, but fall to the chasseurs

While battle rages on the right, both sides keep the distance on the left, waiting for the prussians 

Picton is wounded while leading the scots to victory over the cuirassiers

The chasseurs try to destroy the guns on the ridge but are intercepted and routed by the heavy cavalry, Scotland Forever indeed!

It's 17:00 and the prussians begin to stream into Plancenoit, charging into a lively fire

The german riders cut to pieces a division of ligne
And even behead marshal Ney
The swiss mercenaries turn tail
But are caught and anihilated by the royal guards
The Jeune Garde charges from Plancenoit and pushes back the germans

Caught in the open, the gardes are easy prey for the hussars
The allies steamroll the left flank and collapse the enemy morale
Sadly in these last fights a lucky shot strikes the Duke, killing him outright
With both flanks destroyed, the french flee from the battlefield amongst cries of trahison!
The Old Guard forms a square to cover the retreat of the Emperor and his defeated army


  1. A brilliant, action game and a fine recognition of the anniversary. Given the body count to the generals, the Emperor was fortunate to get away with his life (this time)!
    Regards, James

    1. yeah Lasalle tends to wipe out commanders fast

  2. A great looking 'game-anniversary'...with a sad result! 👍😊...Greetings from France!