Sunday 13 June 2021

Deimos Binary


Vengeance for Cadia! With an endless hordes of chaos worshippers emerging from the Eye of Terror it falls to Grand Marshal Helbrecht and a crusade of the Black Templars to stem the tide of corruption, starting by the heretical foothold on the ruins of Deimos Binary

The chaos fleet is led by the Planet Killer no less
While the bulk of the imperials is formed by astartes vessels, a lone navy cruiser has joined the fight
Battle begins with the Planet Killer firing her apocalyptic gun at the Light of Purity, luckily the battlebarge's shields hold and the battleship is well hidden from the other weapons behind Deimos
In the imperial turn the Templars sally forth, launching all ordnance
Praise be! A lucky torpedo strikes the Armageddon Gun and disables all prow weapons for the rest of the game. The Emperor is with us! shouts Helbrecht
Thunderhawks and chaos craft clash in the space between
Some of them cross the lines and attack the marine strike cruisers, disabling some cannons
The chaos craft smashes into the templar gunships
As battle progresses the imperials catch the Planet Killer in a pincer movement, cutting through the chaos filth and firing both broadsides simultaneously
With her main batteries out of action, the gargantuan chaos ship drifts mindlessly onwards, crippled and reduced to only four remaining hits
To seal the game a devastation cruiser is destroyed by concentrated fire from all angles
The vessel explodes, damaging the Planet Killer even more
With the battle all but lost the chaos admiral disengages to fight another day

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