Monday 26 December 2022

Cannae 216 a.C.

Battle of Cannae today, the roman legions take on Hannibal in the most bloody clash fought in italian soil during the Second Punic War
The carthaginians are on the offence clasing with the roman right
And routing the equites in the bank of the Aufidius

Then it's time for the gauls to smash home
But the legions push them back easily
While the legionnaires deal with the celtic mercenaries, the cavalry begins to surround them
Taking a legion in flank
After routing the gauls the legions now come to grips with the african infantry
In the left there is a tense standoff between numidians and equites
The last gauls fall to roman gladii

The noble cavalry charges but is pushed back ignominiously

Romans and africans trade blows in the flanks
Taken in flank the equites soon melt like spring snow
Hannibal and his riders are pushed back, but not broken
Now the romans are surrounded, but they form back to back and stand their ground

Hannibal tries again
And kills Aemilius Paulus and his men with a rear charge

The three remaining legions try their best to turn the tide

Slaughterer one phalanx
And a unit of numidians
All to no avail, the african riders run down the velites and push the romans over their moral threshold, history has repeated itself!
This might be the last game of the year so I wish merry christmas and happy holidays to you all!

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  1. De bien belles figurines et des unités de cavalerie très courageuses! GOrgeous!