Saturday 17 February 2024

Stop the rig

Long and hard had been our pilgrimage on the deserts of Necromunda, but then a joyful new reached the ears of Klovis: a war rig full of water had been spotted heading for the ruins of Echolus Hive.
Such a bountiful prize could not be left on the hands of the heretics, and so the Redeemer enlisted the help of some goliaths to launch an ambush on the unsuspecting convoy
Mighty was the deviant host, full of guns and sin, but as ever the Redeemer led us fearlessly into the fay

Our goliath allies claimed first blood, ramming their crude tank into the rig, opening up with shortguns, bolters, and even a lascannon
The vile heretics dared ram the holy Pulpitek, and breaking left tried to make a run for the city
But their recklessness proved their undoing, and their rotten carriage burst into flames after damaging our mighty chariot of Redemption
And so were the heretics scattered on the priceless sands of  this orb
Far from us I could see our allies, engaged in a vicious battle with the arbites, the scum of Necromunda

With the Pulpitek almost wrecked, Klovis ordered us to jump aboard the rig and take control
And while some crusaders fell, the rest made it aboard
Engaging in a life or death struggle against the bounty hunter protecting the cockpit

The vile mercenary dared lay his hand on the servants of the Emperor, and the rig pressed on despite our holy onslaught

In flames and leaving a dust cloud behind, the massive truck raced through the ash wastes
But then, in a stroke of pious fury, the bounty hunter was hurled from the rig by brother Neroscis, who then kicked out the escher driver and took the wheel

The day was won, and Klovis fired the Pulpitek's autocannon into the truck's wheels to secure the prize
In a last act of spite, the cowardly eschers ganged up on the goliaths
But the Emperor had decreed our victory, and with a press of the accelerator I slammed the Pulpitek into the rig, stopping it for good!

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