Wednesday 28 February 2024

Legion ARC troopers

"ARC troopers, you've been selected for this task because you're the best, the elite. You all know what to do. The success to your mission is our key to victory. When you get into position send word as planned. Then I will join you"
General Kenobi: the Clone Wars (2003)
The Advanced Reconnaissance Commandos were truly the elite of the Republic's forces. Chosen among  the best clones of the army they were issued the most vital missions, often risky incursions behind enemy lines, and proved their worth countless times during the war versus the separatists. For such an iconic unit I wanted something special, so I copied the look of captain Fordo's squad (above) from the 2003 animated series.
This elite squad of clones is the last unit to get my republic forces to the standard 800 points for our Legion games. The are 3D prints from SEB miniatures and were pretty quick to paint: a drybrush of white over vallejo sky grew, a splash of colour and finally some dusting and chipping to give them the signature weathered look of my clones

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