Monday 9 November 2015


 When I first thought about making a third war for Armageddon refight I was decided to have a speed freaks detachment instead of ork infantry. The fact that Armageddon is a desert planet whre infantry will have a hard time surviving and that I enjoyed watching the 2nd and 3rd Mad Max movies made me buy this moltey assembly of battlewagons in Ebay which I would paint as an homage to those. Hell, if in fact all the speed freeks fluff (published on 2000  in the codex Armageddon and before on 1997 in Gorkamorka) is nothing but a Mad Max 2 (1981) rip-off!

Then Fury Road came in and its pure awesomeness decided me to paint the wagons in the schemes of the film. The vehichles in the film show three main styles: full rust, chrome polish and black. I would divide the wagons between those three groups while a fourth would be painted in the more classic red with yellow flames. Of course orks being orks all the vehicles had to be covered in rust for which I used the tips given in this tutorial.

Full rust

Shiny chrome


 Command battlewagon, I decided to make the dome extra shiny so it would contrast nicely with the black chasis and catch inmediately the eye.

 Here the more "classic" battlewagons painted in evil sunz red

I live. I die. I live again!

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