Saturday 3 February 2018

Tournament day 40k

 Today there was a tournament at the local GW, since it chanced to be parallel to the long awaited custodes release I took the chance to sign in. There were games morning and afternoon, at 1250pts. The first game was against some death guard.
There were no less than three death guard players out of a total of six! The rotten guys seem to be quite popular, in no small thanks to the 8th ed starting box, which made the basis of all their armies. Guess people are quite tired of the vanilla marines and like something more... juicy 

 I brought my trusty combination of guards and marines
 Pask was also there
 Amongst the enemy were those cute crab things
 The impressive death guard rolls didn't save their bacon, as they were badly outgunned

 My warlord dropped on top of an objective in no man's land, giving me three victory points
 Objectives were also captured along the board by both sides

 Deamon prince and crabby gang up on the warlord
 That was the last they ever saw of him
 The last crabby was killed by laser devastators

 My gun line kept killing enemy units while the scions bagged some objectives midfield, giving me victory in the end
  The second game, later that afternoon, was against eldar, with objectives spreaded across the board
 My guard played more offensively, grabbing victory points early

 The eldar pulled of their outlandish moves, jumping 23" and charging in turn one

 The eldar bikes went straight for my tanks
 The annoying warp spiders kept popping all over the place
 More eldar jumped out of the webway and into the fray
 The eldar exarch dodged the overwatch fire that killed his minions and gutted an astopath
 My scions showed up, capturing two objectives

 In the last turn the eldar contested most of my objectives, but as we added up points we were tied, quite a surprise to me, specially against such a mobile army

 Last game was against, you guessed it, even more death guard. Since most of the players were nurglish there was plenty of fratricidal action amongst them all day
 Aboard their transports the chaos marines sped into my lines, shrouding them with spells
 I had to spend most of my firepower just to kill the two rhinos

 Note that the guard was hereticaly using chaos objective cards
 The plague astartes jumped out of the wrecked tanks and into the fray, swinging their deadly flamers all the way, seriously one of them has damage 3!

 The gunline was soon assaulted and put on the back foot
 As the guard was pushed against the wire...
 ...the chaos guys kept scoring points
 Even killing Pask
Ultimately the death guard won with ease

So, the final recap was one defeat, one draw and one victory, quite a balanced result, not enough however to pass onto the second round. I'm overall quite happy with how the army performed, but more movement in the shape of scions or somesuch could be useful next time.


  1. Looks like some fun was had! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The defeat wasn't all that funn tho ;)