Wednesday 7 February 2018

Camden 1780

 Battle of Camden, the first scenarion in our southern AWI minicampaign. The outnumbered forces of lord Cornwallis must push through and overcome the masses of militia and continentals.

After the defeats at Boston and Saratoga and the victory at New York, the british army faced stalemante, an army was then sent south under command of Cornwallis to turn the colonies there to the british cause, since it was believed that where large numbers of tories in the area. After disembarking and seizing Charlestown after a brief siege, the british met the main american army at Camden in the first pitched battle of the southern campaign.
 The british have an ace up their sleeves: Tarleton's dragoons
 The rebels americans are first to move, forming marching columns 
 The king's troops attempt a massed attack by the right, hampered by some cornfields
 The militia quickly forms into squares to fend off the incoming cavalry
 The dragoons however, weel left and charge for the guns

 The charge is carried off flawlessly
 But lord Cornwallis is killed at the head of his troops
 Undaunted, Tarleton leds his men against a unit of continentals
 Who form into square and repel the redcoat riders
 Badly mauled, the dragoons are now unable to charge
 Their charge has had a decisive second effect: dividing the american army in two. Now the royalists can attack both halves independently while maintaining their cohesion
 The regulars open up a disciplined fire
 In the american left, the infantry advances in waves against half their number of british
 A unit of continentals is sanwitched between the cavalry and the regulars, nowhere to run!
 The minutement charge into hand to hand, depsite their low rating
 A unit of american line had deployed in line and fires into a depleted british unit
 In the left, the british milita is keeping away more continentals at a healty distance
 The regulars are surprisingly repulsed by the supposedly cowardly minutemen!
 The sandwitched unit is cut to pieces, eventually
 The rightmost british unit pulls away behind the guns
 With the american center destroyed, the line unit in the left is facing two british units
 After a bitter hand to hand, the minutemen are routed by the vengeful english
 However, in the confusion the dragoons lose their nerve when they are passed through by the victorious infanty, and rout from the field
 A gunline covers the royal right
 Volley after volley pours into the americans on the left, who answer as best as they can
 They decide to go out in a blaze of glory, charging forwards into the militia
 A ravaged british unit now faces the double of militia without hope of rescue
 The americans on the right form a march column for unfathomable reasons
 Fire! Combined shots from the guns and the infantry almost kill the march column
 Fleeing the deadly field of fire, the column sneaks through the british lines
 The left americans are finally routed by concentrated musketry
 With the enemy on the left destroyed, the redcoats concentrate on the right
 There are still two units of minutement standing
 But american valour is lacking, and the army flees from the field after failing the morale roll
Great rejoicing ensues from the news of the victory, if a bit tarnished by the death of so a gallant commander as Lord Cornwallis


  1. De très belles lignes de bataille et un superbe rapport, haut en couleurs!

  2. Il faut être bien coloré, c'est le siècle des lumière aprés tout